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    Reduce repair and maintenance costs on your equipment with AmTrust repair and maintenance programs.

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    AmTrust Warranty Coverage

    Protect your equipment and your budget. For organizations looking for ways to predictably reduce repair and maintenance costs on their own equipment, AmTrust provides cost savings versus manufacturer service contracts. We have a wide array of repair and maintenance programs for businesses of every size and support virtually any technology.

    Each AmTrust solution is optimized to:

    • Provide savings versus the OEMs
    • Ensure your equipment is serviced on a timely basis
    • Utilize client-selected vendors for all maintenance and repairs
    • Deliver assistance in locating alternate vendors as needed for parts and labor
    • Support corporate planning and regulatory guidelines with comprehensive reporting
    • Offer 24/7 access to your personalized, secure equipment program database

    Enterprise Solutions for Organizations

    Developed with a thorough understanding of the today’s demands for cost efficiency and equipment uptime, we consolidate an organization’s expensive individual equipment service contracts, typically with an equipment manufacturer, into a single master agreement. Clients choose the service vendors for all equipment and when service is actually performed, service vendors are paid on a time and materials basis. Our program can support virtually any mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment.

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