• Restaurant Insurance

    Address restaurant business owners' issues quickly and provide them with a decision on their insurance application in a timely manner.

    Earn more commissions with a flexible product that fits the needs of standalone or chain restaurants.

    Offer coverage to a variety of restaurant types, from mobile food vendors to fine dining establishments.

    Access to AmTrust's Resources

    As an appointed AmTrust agent, you will have direct access to our online system and our underwriters. This unfettered access will help you attract new restaurant insurance policyholders in a number of ways:

    • Get custom quotes and clear ratings on applicants quickly to provide fast, reliable service.
    • Benefit from having the resources of a major company firmly behind them.
    • Take advantage of the financial stability, industry experience, and commitment to service that AmTrust provides to protect the businesses of our agents and insureds.

    Access to AmTrust's Resources

    AmTrust Restaurant Insurance

    Our restaurant coverage is designed with flexibility in mind. To make it easy for appointed agents, our insurance policies for restaurants can be written as either a Package or a Businessowners policy (BOP), depending on the specific risk characteristics of your individual policyholder.
    Our appointed agents can offer restaurant insurance coverage for the following areas to help ensure insureds can keep their establishments running smoothly:

    • Workers' Compensation - Workers' compensation protects restaurant owners and their employees. It is insurance that provides benefits to most types of employees who are injured on the job.  AmTrust and their agents work closely with restaurants to insure to design the specific packages they need to comply and succeed.
    • BOP - A business owners policy, sometimes referred to as a BOP, is a type of commercial insurance that could provide various protections for restaurants. BOP combines insurance coverages you'd normally buy separately into one bundle. The standard combination is general liability and property insurance, but these types of policies routinely include business interruption insurance, as well.
    • Automobile and Transportation Insurance - Our appointed agents assure fleet owners that an accident or mechanical issue won't put their operations in trouble. Our preferred exposures are generally low risk, such as dry van, cargo, intermodal, and refrigerated food trucks.
    • EPLI - AmTrust EPLI is designed to protect restaurants in the event of employment-related claims. Insured events include alleged discrimination, wrongful termination or demotion, sexual harassment and retaliation. Our EPLI coverage is comprehensive, affordable and earns AmTrust appointed agents a 15% commission.
    • Umbrella
    Taken together, the coverage that AmTrust appointed agents can provide far exceeds the standard coverage offered by most other insurers.

    AmTrust Restaurant Insurance

    Reducing Risk & Increasing Financial Stability

    We focus on providing insurance to low and medium-risk businesses. By reducing our exposure to risk, we keep appointed agent and policyholder risks down, too. Low risk exposure provides more financial stability, which lets us offer competitive commission rates for our appointed agents and lower fees for our policyholders.
    As an agent, you can market the AmTrust Restaurant Insurance Program to a diverse range of both single and chain restaurants. Eligibility includes:

    • Family-style restaurant insurance
    • Fine dining restaurant insurance
    • Fast food restaurant insurance
    • Café insurance
    • Diner insurance
    • Deli insurance
    • Pizza restaurant insurance

    Reducing Risk, Increasing Financial Stability

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